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Signing Up for Signature Organic Prescriptives
24 July 2017

For spa guests unfamiliar with Prescriptives, they are traditions long established by custom. The dedicated staff at the on-site Spa at The Kinloch Club believe that totally personal, totally natural therapies are the only way skin and body types can properly be awakened and then work to restore the natural healing forces of mind, body and spirit.  

On first entering the Spa at the Kinloch Club, a bespoke menu of treatments that have been named Signature Organic Prescriptives, are suggestions to spa guests which combine authentic Maori massage and treatments which focus on healing using natural, locally sourced ingredients and 100% organic range of premium all plant skin care. 

As you might expect, Signature Organic Prescriptives delivers, as well as one-off treatments, or full or half day options, a totally personal holistic body, mind and spirit care.  The Signature Organic Prescriptives range of massage and treatments offer maximum benefit from the resorts near 100% pesticide free estate reared Manuka honey and local Rotorua pure-sourced mud – both highly regarded for their rich antioxidants and healing qualities. 

Every Kinloch Signature Organic Prescriptive delivers totally natural ingredients for men and women based on centuries of wisdom and time-honoured principles and each is prescribed for the purpose of the spa guest based on their need for sporting therapeutic massage or organic wellness treatments.

Signature Organic Prescriptives at the Spa at Kinloch:

Rotorua Pure Source Mud Facial 
Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and oligosaccharides, this traditional Rotorua mud treatment helps your skin to retain hydration and promotes healing by drawing impurities and excess oil from the skin. Rich in native Manuka Honey complemented by western tradition’s Aloe Vera and Sweet Almond Oil, creating a facial and neck treatment that cleanses, detoxifies and soothes. Cleansing-rebalancing treatment $85/60 minutes

Energising and Radiance Facial Treatment 
A perfect pep-up for sluggish skin that deliver a high-powered 100% organic and plant based boost to rev up your skin’s vitality. They also add anti-aging resources with an intense infusion of vitamins, essential oils and a dynamic digito-pressure massage. $175/60 minutes

Authentic styles of Maori treatment and healing using natural, locally sourced ingredients, traditionally believed to combine physical and spiritual cleansing.

Mirimiri Massage 

Begins with an ancient Maori prayer and powhiri (welcome) to honour you and your ancestors, followed by deeply relaxing therapeutic massage to raise the vibration of your physical body. Your mauri (life essence) and wairua (spirit) are encouraged to synchronise thus giving a sense of well-being, connectedness and balance. Mirimiri massage also works on the central nervous system aiding the release of tension and stress, bequeathing you deep relaxation, and a sense of clarity and rejuvenation. $225/60 minutes 

Romiromi Massage

Romiromi is the deeper of the traditional holistic Maori body treatments. Similar to Hawaii’s lomilomi, it combines body alignment, deep-tissue massage and stimulation of pressure points to aid the release of cellular blockages, toxins, pain and extraneous energy, replacing these with positive energy and vitality. Natural body systems are invigorated, nourished and balanced and the extraordinary lightness felt after treatment demonstrates a positive shift to greater wellbeing and health. Ideally suited for the end of a full day of golf at Kinloch. $225/60 minutes

For more information on The Spa at The Kinloch Club or The Kinloch Club contact Karine Thomas - or phone +64 9 307 3633. 

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Signing Up for Signature Organic Prescriptives
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