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Take a stroll through the ins and outs of our Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course

Join us for a stimulating day of golf on our world-class championship course that pays homage to the great links courses of the British Isles. Test your skill against challenges designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus, one of the games most renowned strategic thinkers, as you take in stunning views overlooking the sparkling blue waters of Lake Taupo.

First Hole

Par 4

Favour the left-hand side of the fairway

The approach shot is to a slightly elevated green with bunkers guarding the front. Leaving yourself a shorter 2nd shot will allow the trajectory required to stop the ball on the putting surface.

Second Hole

Par 5

Longer hitters hoping to get home in two, drive down the right side for extra run

Conservative players should favour the left-hand side off the tee. This green has some serious undulations. If you go through the green you will be confronted with a tricky chip.

Third Hole

Par 3

Consider the wind direction when selecting your club.

There will be more bogeys than birdies on this hole so hitting the putting surface is your main priority.

Fourth Hole

Par 4

Higher handicappers aim at the right hand tree.

For longer hitters it’s a big hit to carry the left-hand fairway traps. A long tee shot on this hole will often result in a downhill lie for your 2nd shot making your approach more difficult to flight and control.

Fifth Hole

Par 4

Favour the right hand side of the fairway with your tee shot as this will offer you a better view of the green for your 2nd shot.

Sixth Hole

Par 4

A well placed tee-shot here is a must.

The fairway banks form right to left. Longer hitters can take dead aim at the green but this requires a very long carry over the three traps guarding the green. Par is a good score on this hole.

Seventh Hole

Par 3

This green is larger than it appears from the tee.

However, it is well guarded with bunkers and subtle slopes. For those not pin-seeking, take dead aim at the centre of the green for a good result.

Eighth Hole

Par 5

A great par 5 with options on your 2nd shot.

It’s possible to cut off some of the hole's distance from the tee but the further left you aim the greater the carry you’ll require.

Ninth Hole

Par 4

A tee-shot between the bunkers is the perfect result.

The fairway narrows the further you drive. The 2nd shot is to an elevated green. The major trouble by the green is for a shot lost to the right. Take one more club than you think if in any doubt as a shot finishing short will leave a tough “up and down”.

Tenth Hole

Par 4

Aim at the bunkers off the tee.

Longer hitters you can aim left of this however the further left you aim the greater the carry required to reach the fairway. This green is deeper front to back on the right side so take this into account when playing your approach.

Eleventh Hole

Par 3

A well guarded green on this par 3.

Take into account the wind direction when selecting your club. Anywhere on the putting surface is a well played shot.

Twelfth Hole

Par 5

Favour the left half of the fairway as it slopes from left to right.

Aim at the left hand traps on your second shot to leave a view of the green for your approach. Longer hitters: for those trying to get home in two, try shaping the ball left-to-right off of the left-hand fairway traps as there is a channel onto the green that will reward this shot if executed well.

Thirteenth Hole

Par 4

Aim up the left half of this hole.

If you can squeeze a few extra yards off of the tee you will have a better view of the green for your 2nd shot.

Fourteenth Hole

Par 4

If you do not reach the top of the rise you will be left with a blind 2nd shot.

Trust the yardage on your 2nd shot as your eyes may fool you into thinking the distance is not as far as it seems.

Fifteenth Hole

Par 3

Take note of the wind direction which will often be into your face.

You do not want to finish short or left of this green so bear this in mind when visualising your tee-shot and especially when selecting your club.

Sixteenth Hole

Par 5

The length of your tee-shot will determine how you play the rest of the hole.

Aim left of the right hand fairway traps visible from the tee. For the longer hitters you may wish to have a crack over the valley in two but a 2nd shot played to the fairway on the right will leave an inviting approach for your 3rd shot.

Seventeenth Hole

Par 3

This par 3 will often play into the wind.

It pays not to be short so it is worth taking one more club than you think you need. Anything short of or left of the green will make the task of making par more difficult.

Eighteenth Hole

Par 5

An accurate tee-shot is required to help you finish in style.

Aim between the left and right hand fairway traps. For the longer hitters who feel that there is enough gas left in the tank they can attempt to fly the left hand fairway trap. A second shot to the right offers a nice approach for your 3rd- for those taking it on in two be aware that anything left short will be wet, as the slopes at the front of the green will gather your ball for an early bath!

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